Alpha Lucky is a 24-year-old hustler who’s most recent achievement is turning his 3000 AED fitness business into a million+ AED business.

Having gone through great suffering where he slept on the streets of Sharjah for good 2 years going sometimes 3, 4 and one time 5 days without food but still trained boxing in all these days. He got to the point where he was going to end his suffering and jump into a river after being betrayed and abandoned by everyone but the pain of never achieving his dream and never achieving true greatness but just being remembered as a boy who gave up made him throw his 7 gold medals in the river and he decided he died there and now he will get success no matter how hard or long he had to work because he had nothing else to lose.

Great suffering doesnt stop him from dreaming big even when he had to beg for food and sometimes water, beg and pick food from restaurants and got insulted over and over till he got angry and even beat those who insult him.

He believed in passion over monetary benefits and tried to build a business on this idea then tried to get investors to invest in his idea of creating the perfect fitness system and was rejected by over 67 investors because of his then lack of experience and most times his Nigerian nationality, none of these stopped him but instead he innovated and improved.

 He couldn’t get a job due to his restriction on his visa from previous employers and when this was solved, Nigeria’s weren’t getting hired. After his career in boxing at age 22, he went full time to chase his business dreams and career as a trainer which he never really stopped. Started with working in 3 gyms for free and being so good he became a manager and a celebrity trainer having trained several artists, models, and athletes.

He then went on to create his dream company starting with 3000 AED and in 3 weeks of starting signed up 159 high paying PT clients and after 2 months got several investors offers and set up his first luxury boutique gym in Dubai and the rest was history.

Alpha Now dreams to redefine / dominate the Premium fitness industry and have fitness called by his name “ALPHA” as well as many other industries. His ambitions have no bound as he seeks to achieve greatness for himself and all in his team your matter the odds.

He was once so weak even girls beat him to transform himself to become a terror in boxing to beat several experienced boxers and qualify for the Olympics after 2.5 years of boxing. Arrived in Dubai at 19years with zero cash in his pocket after getting cheated by travel agent

Was told he couldn’t get a trainer job as a Nigerian and after months of believing, suffering and search found a gym trainer job with low pay which paid him in 3 to 5 instalments monthly. Was an ex-model who had passion for business and action life, when he wanted to start his company in Nigeria, his month took him to a man of God who gave him prophesy given to his parents when he was born in a church that his destiny wasn’t in Nigeria.

For his love of action and dream to fix his country and continent he tried to join foreign military and was rejected by 9. Got angry and wanted to be his own solider which landed him in boxing. He dedicated himself as he does with everything, and he grew so fast achieving 7 gold medals in 2 years after winning his first fight just 3 days after he started proper boxing with his coach

His dream for greatness made him quite his job when it stood in his way which landed him into great suffering. Alpha experienced all the worse from betrayal, extreme hunger, loneliness, rape, abuse both physically / otherwise, and several close death experiences. None of these stood on his way or calmed his desire for greatness.

He is a young individual with no emotional attachment to any woman or nothing other than his commitment for great success for his team and investors as well as achieving his dream of true greatness


A perfectionist yet realistic, a true leader tough as nail with no emotions nor does he ever accept excuses or anything but absolute effort and the maximum best from everyone.

Currently working on AlphaWorld App which is forecasted to be the biggest revolution in the App tech world

Uniqueness Of Coach Alpha

A revolution in the world of Fitness and Boxing. Read the publication of him in the Khaleej Times