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Coach Alpha

Founder/ Celebrity Trainer/ Olympic Boxer/ 7 times Boxing Gold Medallist/ Weight Training and Bodybuilding Expert / Anaerobic Expert / World Class Transformation Specialist with over 1500 transformations/ Creator of The AlphaTric Training Method with a Mission To Transform 3000+ people by 2024

Coach Lucie Turpisova

Ex-gymnast/ Fitness Model/ Medical Professional / Weight Training Specialist with passion for helping people of every age to get started and stay consistent with training

Coach Obi

6-times Bodybuilding Champion/ 5times Boxing Gold Medallist / Bodybuilding Expert /  Boxing Coach / Fitness – Anaerobic Specialist and a Dance Fitness Instructor with a passion for motivating and helping people get to their best shape with the safest AlphaTric Method

Coach Tobi

4-times Boxing Gold Medallist/ Ex Pro Boxer/ EMS Expert/ Certified Fat Loss Expert specialized in boxing, strength and conditioning coaching for athletes. With a passion for training kids and adults into athletes. Having produced 5 Sport champions with one being a child boxer



When the trainer is experienced, dedicated, passionate and disciplined enough to work with the basics and extremely knowledgeable on how to execute the exercise avoiding the fancy shit that doesn’t work, such a trainer has the potential of transforming a nation.

To lose weight and build lean muscles, while achieving a lasting transformation, the AlphaTric training would be the most effective. This is a training invented by ME and it combines of a form of Weight training, boxing and a uniquely designed Anaerobic training conducted at right intervals.

The proper understanding and combination of these 3 workouts does wonders and have helped me achieve over 1500 transformations                     

A well-executed weight training program helps you build lean muscles over time. Muscles feed on fat for energy hence making you more metabolically active (increased metabolism). This, in the long run, executed with other necessary elements, helps you lose weight and stay lean.

Boxing is a serious sport, I call it the sport of gods but when properly executed with a trainer who truly understands the act of boxing, it is an intensive calory burner.

 The high-intensity nature of a boxing workout is very good for burning visceral fat, or the fat commonly found around the waist. One hour of proper boxing can burn up to 900 calories. This is way more calories than running, swimming, or lifting weights for the same amount of time.

Anaerobic training is like aerobic exercise but uses a different form of energy — quickly and immediately. Anaerobic exercises include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), weightlifting, and circuit training.

Absolutely not!!

A boxing coach needs to be at the very least, experienced, dedicated, understand the basics, have some fight experience, committed and most importantly a great leader. He needs to truly understand the art of combat even if the client doesn’t want to fight so he can deliver exceptional training to the client by getting them to use every muscle during training as is required in proper boxing which is why it is the most effective sport to build an athletic physique.

Start with my 5min / baby step rule. You stand to benefit and make some progress if you get active for as little as 5mins a day and continuously progress like a baby than wait to have the motivation to train for an hour or two which may never come or come and drop down because motivation is only temporary- not everlasting